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Lats By LANCE!

Posted Jan 28 2010 10:41am
Just got back from my haircut appointment today with the best stylist in DC.

Ahh, I'm so much better now...

I always walk out feeling more handsome and leaner.

Yes, leaner!

Ever notice when a guy gets a haircut he looks like he just dropped 5 pounds?

It totally slims down the face and boosts the confidence - all for the same price.

Not only do I get a great cut when I see my hairstylist, but he has some interesting fitness questions as well.

Today's question was,

'Lance, how do I grow the muscle under here? 
(pointing to the back of his armpit)'

I translated his question to,

'Lance, how can I make my back look like this?'

So like many guys, my hairstylist is looking to increase the size of the muscles that will give his back more of a 'V' shape.

One of the major muscles contributing to this shape is the latissimus dorsi or 'lats' for short.

The picture below is where the lats are on the body.

From the diagram you can now probably see how they can contribute to that desired 'V' shape.

Couple things this answer:

1. Everyone genetically has different shaped/sized muscle bellies and tendons, so yours might not look like the next guys - ever.

2. You can increase the size of your muscles with specific exercises and progressive acute training variables in your workout.

Here's what LANCE! recommends to build the lats...

Exercises For The Lats:

  • Straight arm pullovers
  • Pull-ups
  • Body rows
  • 1-arm dumbell rows
  • Bent-over rows
  • Lat-pulldowns
  • 2-arm machine or cable rows

Acute Variables For Bigger Lats:
  • Train them 1 to 3 times per week
  • Use 2 to 4 exercises
  • Perform 3 to 9 sets total per workout
  • Try 6 to 12 repetitions per set
  • Lower the weight with a 3-count each rep
  • Activities like boxing and swimming 

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