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Knowing Your Vitals Is Vital

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
Do you know what your regular resting heart rate and blood pressure is?

Of course you don't!

Ladies, I want you to know your vitals like the latest US Weekly.
You know how many times Jennifer Lopez has been married, what kind of coffee Drew Barrymore drinks, where Brad Pitt goes to shop, every hairstyle Jennifer Aniston has ever had, even what drug rehab facility Britney Spears has checked into, but not your restingheart rate!

Gentlemen, I want you to know your numbers as well as you do the numbers of your favorite sports team.

You have memorized your team's current win-loss record, average points per game, playoff appearances over the past 20 years, number of players that are on steroids, and how many beers you can drink and still know every word of the fight song, but not your bloodpressure.

Sad, sad world!

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) -
  • # of times your heart beats in one minute while the body is at rest

  • The normal range is between 60-90 heart beats per minute

  • The lower your RHR the easier your heart has to work to send blood out to your body
Blood Pressure (BP) -
  • The amount of force on the artery walls while the heart beats (top #) and while
    the heart relaxes (bottom #)

  • Ideal BP is under 120/80

Why -

  • RHR and BP are both indicators of overall health and fitness. Both should be tracked on a regular basis for the most accurate assessment, as they can change even minute to minute through a wide variety of variables.

Learn your numbers today, but did you see
Tom Brady & Gisele getting PDA Happy?
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