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Knowing When To STOP!

Posted Mar 06 2008 3:19pm 3 Comments

shoulder painI have done this before and need to take my own advice. Do NOT over do it when it comes to exercise!
I did my workout Tuesday and did shoulder press using 15 lb dumbbells, after having not directly working my shoulders in months! What was I thinking? That along with pushing through the close grip pushups, because I REFUSED to go down on my knees…a combination of both exercises is what I think caused the problem.

By Thursday night, I could hardly stand the pain! I iced it and took some ibuprofen hoping that would help. Friday it felt a little better and again on Saturday was in pain again. I talked to a fellow trainer and he said I might have slightly torn something. He said it has happened to him 3 times, so he had a pretty good idea that was what had happened. He said the best thing is to rest it for at least a week. So that is what I plan to do.

But, just because I can’t work my upper body, does not mean I cannot work out. Yesterday I just put together a lower body workout and it was great! Here is what I did instead:

A1) Squats 2×12x45lbs

A2) Leg curls 2×12x50lbs

B1) Deep Squats 2×12x45lbs

B2) 1-Leg Curls 2×30x45 lbs

C1) Leg Press -low to toes 3x 12×100 lbs and high to heels 3×12x80lbs )

C2) Calf Raises

Then I did intervals on the elliptical! I got in a great workout without having to aggravate my shoulder! You can do this too if you need to modify due to an injury!

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Ouch! What a painful learning experience!
Yes, I agree Heather...but thanks to 'being smart and resting', my shoulder is 100% now and I'm ready to start working that upper body again!

Heres an article about knowing when your overtrained 

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