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Know your Zone

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm

"Know your Zone" is the first in a series of exercise posts on Heart Rate Training(HRT). With the use of a Heart Rate Monitor(HRM) * you can use HRT as a fun, yet scientific, way to track your progress and maximize your fitness goals.

You first need to determine your maximal heart rate(HRmax), which is the highest possible number of beats per minute. Doctors or qualified fitness professionals can administer a test to determine your most accurate HRmax. Most healthy active exercisers, without any cardiovascular concerns, can determine this for themselves with a simple math equation. This math equation is for the general population and will provide a general guideline for you to use. An administered HRmax test might reveal something a little different.If you are still unsure, contact me through the profiles page to set up an appointment or to get a referral.

Heres your equation for your HRmax.

Subtract your age from 220. Example, if you are 42 years old,
your HRmax is 220 - 42= 178.

Your theoretical maximum heart rate is 178 beats per minute. Now that you know your HRmax you are on your way to "know your zone."

* For information on HRMs go to "Heart Rate Monitors" post, Label-equipment, date-5/6/07

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