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Know The Basics About Ruptured Cyst Treatment

Posted May 11 2010 11:47pm

Ovarian cysts are an issue commonly experienced by menstruating women, due to complications involved with the egg production process in the monthly cycle. Whilst the most often dissolve or absorb into the body, complications can arise which results in a rupture. Painful, and often harmful, ruptured cyst treatment is need urgently.

Having stabilized the patient, a thorough examination will be necessary in order to determine the extent of the problem, and assess the risk.

In all cases, the first course of action for ruptured cyst treatment will be antibiotics. The drug prescribed will again vary on severity of the problem, and on the how each individual responds. Short term drugs will be tried as a first measure, though longer courses may be prescribed if felt necessary.

The administering of drugs to reduce pain will be most likely needed, but these will depend on the severity of the issue and in consideration of other drugs currently being used.

The pain medicines given will also need to be closely introduced regards the antibiotics course that has been prescribed. What analgesic medicines will most likely be prescribed as a first form of attack; these will gradually be reduced. As pain lessens, such common meds as Tylenol are likely to be prescribed, though the situation will remain closely monitored.

This supervision will continue throughout treatment, and may need to change quickly depending upon how the situation improves or deteriorates. Whatever happens, supervision will remain tight, with regular scans and abdominal examinations. Depending on the outcome of these, laparoscopic surgery may be scheduled

Should it be deemed necessary, more invasive surgery may be required in order to extract the cyst. This sort of ruptured cyst treatment will take time to proceed to however, as it is in most cases necessary that the infection be kept in check, or eliminated before such surgery. However, whatever the decision, all details will be discussed with the patient.

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