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Kirstie Alley Big Life

Posted Mar 22 2010 10:02pm

big life Kirstie Alley Big Life My wife and daughter and I sat and watched the first two episodes of Kirstie Alleys new show Big Life last night and it was a pretty fun watch. Did you watch it?

Big Life follows Kirstie Alley around as she gets ready to launch her new website and diet plan and it introduces us to all the people and animals in her life. Kirstie has a daughter, son, (no fathers?) and a bunch of animals. Did you know that Kirstie Alley has a bunch of Lemurs living in a big cage in her back yard? My kids now want pet lemurs.

Also Kirstie has a staff. There is a handyman who is training with her and is a guinea pig to lose weight with her. There is alos a stylist, a friend/press person, an apprentice who falls asleep on the couch. A whole bunch of people around in her surprisingly huge house. Oh, and lots of paparazzi drama like I haven’t seen since Jon and Kate plus 8.

Anyway just like any other reality show everything is centered around Kirstie Alley and her nonsense life bouncing from one thing to another. It seems that there is not an organized famous person except for Donald Trump, all these people bounce from one thing to another and can’t keep on track – makes me feel organized (my wife is laughing at that as she reads this).

Anyway the people doing the show I think are doing a great job. There are cutaways to the stuff the rest of the staff are doing and we get to see Kirstie in all her glory struggling with her weight and fame and trying to get into shape. Kirstie Alley really comes across as a person that we would all like to be friends with, she has opinions, she laughs at everyone as well as herself a lot and her problems with her relationships, weight and fame are really personal and she does not mind sharing them.

Have you see Big Life? Do you Like or hate Kirstie Alleys new show?

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