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King of Kensington Strongman Contest, the aftermath

Posted Jul 01 2010 12:00am

I really need to get a video of this stair case I found along the Elbow River in Calgary. It is 11 stories of wooden stairs winding up a wooded hillside. The view at the top is just beautiful but the sprinting up there always hurts. As I have written many times, Hill or Stair Sprints should be a staple in your training if you want to be lean, explosive and mentally tough. They will build muscle throughout your legs, especially in forgotten areas like your ankles, but are safer than sprinting on a flat surface. Plus it is a nice change from pumping iron in a gym full of sweaty dudes.

The workout I did was very simple but still crushed me by the end.
  • 11 story stair case
    • 5 times up
    • sprint up the entire stair case if possible
      • if not just keep moving up those stairs until you are at the top
        • don't stop!
    • catch your breath at the top
    • walk down safely
    • sprint up again
By the 5th sprint I was walking the second half of the stairs. That is fine though because I was still sucking wind and my legs were burning. Just try to get up the stairs as quickly as possible by any means necessary.

So here is my advice. Find yourself a big hill or stair case and start working it 1-2 times a week. Start off easy, just walking to the top and as you progress work towards being able to sprint the whole thing for multiple sets. As your conditioning improves so will your body composition so put the work in because it is worth it.

Here is an old video of me mixing kettlebells with hill sprints for a double whammy effect. Let's just say I was in a little better shape, albeit I was smaller, before I returned to powerlifting and strongman.

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