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kettlebells, clubs and snatches to burn fat and get abs!

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm

If you want to burn fat you have to train really hard. Going for a light run or power walk three times per week will only be effective for a very short time. The key is to train hard, fast, and differently!

To train hard, simply do full body movements. These can be body weight movements such as push-ups, squats, burpees, lunges, etc., or they can be barbell movements such as front squats and push presses. I prefer kettlebell drills because they work the whole body and the bell never stops moving until your whole body fails.

To train fast, just lift explosively (but still use caution) and take short rests between sets. less than a minute is best to really get into oxygen debt. Super sets or even tri-sets are a great to maximize the work density, which is the real key here. More work in less time means more calories burned now and later!!!

To train differently, mix it up baby! Variety is the spice of life and your training routine should be as tasty as Indian food. Your body will adapt to any stimulus quickly so if you are trying to burn fat, avoid repeating workouts more than twice. Change the pace, change the set/rep scheme, the exercise order and the exercises themselves. Mix it up and keep the body guessing. Shock it and rock it baby!

For a crazy workout idea, take a look at the video below and ask yourself, do I keep doing the same thing and expect different results?

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