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Kettlebell Workout of the Day, with a Snatch Test!

Posted Mar 18 2010 12:00am
Hey everyone, here is the workout I did today.

  • Stair Climbing
    • 50 stories climbed on an actual staircase in about 20 minutes
  • joint mobility drills, 5 mins
  • dynamic warm-up
    • reverse lunge with twist x 10 reps/side
    • side lunge with twist x 10 reps/side
    • inch worm x 6
    • Russian twist x 10
    • t-push-up x 7 each side
  • Glute and Ab body weight work
    • glute bridge x 20
    • swinging plank x 5 reps/side
    • bird dog x 20
    • Hindu push-up x 10
    • single leg glute bridge x 20/leg
    • swinging plank x 5 reps/side
    • fire hydrant x 20 reps/leg
    • Hindu push-up x 10 reps
  • kettlebell swing x 20 reps
  • kettlebell snatch test, 100 reps in under 5 minutes using a 24kg kettlebell
    • this took me 4:30 minutes to complete and then about 3 minutes to pick myself off the ground!
So as you can see I did my stairs in the morning. I don't run the stairs, I just walk up them at a brisk pace and sometimes take two steps at a time. The idea here is just to sneak in some extra conditioning work so I keep my weight down. Plus it never hurts to strengthen your legs!

In the afternoon I had planned on doing a proper kettlebell workout but didn't have as much time as I hoped for. So, when time is short just increase the intensity! All the body weight work was just a warm-up. Then the one set of swings to make sure my hips are firing. The "workout" if you will was simply doing as many snatches as possible before I almost passed out. It was quick for sure, but man was that tough!

This day of exercise did the trick, I was still hot and sweating a bit when I went to bed last night!

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