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Kettlebell Workout of the Day, plus a new kettlebell exercise!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:37am
Yesterday I attended a kettlebell class taught by Marty Hansen. As much as I like to think I know about kettlebell training I always learn something new when I attend his classes. I also really like having someone else tell me what to do! If it was up to me all I would do are swings, cleans and snatches but he forces us to do all kinds of movements.

After the warm-up he had us do the regular swings and cleans, but then he showed an exercise I hadn't tried or seen before. It is a progression to the kettlebell Turkish Get-up, I would call it a kettlebell roll over and it really worked my abs and shoulder girdle. To try this out lie on your back with one kettlebell pressed out over head. Now, keep the kettlebell vertical and your eyes on it as you swing one leg over the other and roll over on to your side. You free hand should be against the ground, stretched out above your head. You should end the movement lying your side (almost stomach) with the kettlebell over head. Then roll back keeping the kettlebell vertical. This is way tougher than it sounds so try it without the kettlebell first.

After these kettlebell roll overs we did some full Turkish get-ups really focusing on perfect technique. Then we did kettlebell over head sit-ups to finish off our abs. Once that was done we did some really high rep kettlebell two handed swings. I did about 150 reps straight with a 16 kg kettlebell (I usually use a 24 kg bell for 40 to 60 reps straight). After that was the warm down and stretching session. All in all it was a fun and hard workout!

Today I was feeling pretty sore but I hit the gym anyways. I had a super simple workout of front squats, deadlifts and floor presses (all the benches were busy of course). As usual I went pretty heavy and did a lot of low rep sets to build my power. Tomorrow should be interesting!
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