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Kettlebell News and Updates

Posted Mar 08 2009 3:20pm
Marty Hansen
Banff Workshop - March 13

I just delivered a 5 hour kettlebell workshop to 17 personal trainers yesterday in Calgary, and now looking forward to the workshop in Banff. Limited to 12 participants, this workshop provides a solid start for you to get going with the kettlebell. Proper use of the kettlebell results in lean, dense muscle and surprising strength and endurance gains. Consider making a night of it as the workshop is from 5:30-7:00 there will be lots of time after to see Banff.
Visit to register. Thanks Marty Hansen

Parth Shah
Go eat your vegetables: The Raw Foods Diet Revealed

I wanted to thank everyone that's been giving me such great feedback. Some of my posts have been getting picked up by online publications. This recent one was picked up by both the Palm Beach Post, and Chicago Sun Times. Palm Beach Post - Chicago Sun Times -
This is the original link back to my site - Just excited, so I'd thought I'd share it with you guys.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Good Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, I tend to break a lot of “rules.” Read more:

Scott Sonnon
The World Kettlebell Club renamed FB group

Today, I received an interesting piece of mail: a cease and desist letter from Eric Liford and Valery Fedorenko. Instead of emailing me to ask me to change the FB page which they not only endorsed but asked me for help on when it was created, they decided to send me a legal document "demanding" that it be taken down.

When I was asked to create the Kettlebell Foundation for the WKC Kettlebell Fitness Program, I gladly did so. I was honored to contribute my mobility and compensation techniques to kettlebell lifters. I even taught the program abroad co-seminaring with Valery with great reviews from Valery and Eric and all of the attendees.

Then, Eric asked me to produce a video (at my own cost) of the mobility and compensation programs. If it's helping people, why not? But when Eric said that he wanted 50% of all profits from the DVD he asked me to produce through my company, I told him he was crazy. 50%??? For programs that I created from knowledge that I gathered and created before I had even met them!?! I offered the WKC 50% profit on any DVDs they sold to their members, if they purchased a minimum (reasonable) stock and took care of fulfillment themselves.

They turned it down and demanded that I give them 50% of any profit made by me on my programs from my company fulfilled by my company. Crazy talk. A couple weeks later, they said that they no longer wanted to have any advisors to their organization, rather than telling me that they no longer wanted me involved. And took down their advisory board, thus eliminating my involvement as advisor.

In order to recover the $15,000 of investment I had made in the Kettlebell Foundation DVD package, I created an additional DVD on kettlebell technique so that the mobility and compensation programs would make sense to my RMAX audience since they were in general not familiar with kettlebell lifting... and I created a Kettlebell Specialist division for my CST Instructors to diversify their skill set to kettlebells (like I have for gymnastic rings, parallettes, plyoboxes, medballs, monkey bars, sandbags, ladders, etc.)

I haven't spoken to Eric and Valery in months. And today I received this legal cease and desist... for a FB group that has had ZERO activity in almost a year. Well, now you know that there's been a name change to the RMAX Kettlebell Foundation. But that's not the only change....Two weeks ago, I was asked to be on the Board of Advisors to the International Kettlebell and Strength Training Academy - the official educational academy of IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting). Other Board Members of the IKSA include: world champion Vasiljis Ginko of Latvia, Sergey Merkulin of Russia (14X world champion), Feodor Fuglev of Ukraine (15x world champion), and Oksana Nikifor (World and European kettlebell juggling champion.)

I'll be announcing more about the IKSA in the near future, but for now... I wanted to make public the petty political nonsense that goes on behind the scenes. It's a shame, but the bottom line is... it's just a weight with a handle on it. I think IGX guys are right: these rabiesballs drive people mad. Thanks to all of you for your interest in this FB group. If you're not interested in involvement due to the name and as a result organizational change, then please remove your participation so that you will not be confused in the future by announcements not related to the WKC.
Best regards,
Scott Sonnon, Director RMAX International
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