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Kettlebell Daily Workout, Snatches and Juggling

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm

Today's Kettlebell Daily Workout is a mix if kettlebell snatches and juggling. This is a great workout to really get the heart rate up and burn fat while having fun at the same time. The key here is to play with your kettlebell and just have fun flipping it, spinning it and throwing it. Don't worry about sets and reps, just try to keep the kettlebell moving as long as possible. When you are totally out of breath, put it down, catch your breath and repeat.

I recommend taking your kettlebell outside so you don't worry about dropping it. Also, training outside with a kettlebell makes you forget about the time and just focus on the juggling. As you are juggling your kettlebell you will be surprised at how hard you end up working without realizing it. You will be so busy playing that the time will slip away just like the fat!

Kettlebell juggling is easier than it looks so don't be intimidated, just take your bell outside and start playing with it. I recommend starting with two handed swings and letting go of the kettlebell at the top, then grabbing it right away. You will get a feel for the kettlebell in the air and start gaining confidence from there. Then try one handed swings, passing the kettlebell from one hand to the other at the top of the swing.

Your grip strength will improve greatly as you practice juggling so don't be surprised if your forearms start to look harder! Check out this video for a great example of kettlebell juggling.

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