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Kettlebell Daily Workout, quick fat loss circuit to get six pack abs!

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm

Friday I came home from work and knew I only had about 25 minutes to workout before I had to go to a dinner party. Of course I opted to workout instead of worry about what I was going to wear! I need to burn fat and get six pack abs with my kettlebells, not watch them collect dust!

When you don't have much time and you need to lose weight, workout density is the key to success. That means do as much work in as little time as you can, like the kettlebell drill I did Friday.

  • Warm up (lunges with twist, lateral lunges, inchworms, t-push ups) 1 set of 10 reps
  • Push-up circuit (I did every type of push-up imaginable )
  • Kettlebell Fat Loss circuit/complex (one arm kettlebell swing, high pull, clean, snatch) 6 sets of about 5 reps per arm. A full complex counts as one rep.

This kettlebell fat loss circuit is super simple and quick. Grab the kettlebell with one hand, do a swing, a high pull, a clean and then a snatch. Now switch arms, and repeat. Keeping alternating the complex from one to the other until you can't complete it. Rest for anywhere from one minute to 10 seconds depending on how much time you have, then go again. The key is here is to just keep banging away at sets and reps with little rest to really push your body into total systemic fatigue. This will improve your conditioning and boost your metabolism dramatically, causing you to burn fat for 24 hours after your workout!!!

To learn how to do a proper snatch check out this video below!

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