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Kettlebell Daily Workout: Kettlebell Cleans and Push-up ladder for fitness and fat loss

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm
Short snappy workouts are the key to a successful long term fitness plan. Quick workouts are easy to get motivated for and fit into a busy lifestyle. Today was a fat loss/conditioning tool so I busted out my trusty kettlebells and got down and dirty with them!

I always do 15 minutes of mobility work because I am stiff as a board from working a desk job all day. So once that was out of the way I came up with a kettlebell workout of the day, kettlebell cleans supersetted with push-ups. The set/rep scheme is a ladder format starting at 10 reps working down to one rep and back up again. If you don't know what a ladder is, keep reading because they are great for fat loss.

Set 1, ten kettlebell cleans with my right arm, then ten with with the left arm, then ten push-ups. Rest for a few seconds, then repeat with nice reps of each drill. Again for 8 and so on and so forth. As the reps decrease, so does the rest period. When you are down to 2 and 1 reps it really becomes more of a circuit between the three movements. At 1 rep you start climbing the ladder (hence the name) up to 10 reps or beyond again.

Traditional ladders start at the lowest number and keep climbing until you max out on reps, then you climb back down the ladder for extra volume. I started at ten because I was warmed up from the mobility work and wanted to get going!

The workout lasted 30 minutes and the warm-up only about 10 minutes so in 40 minutes I had a great fat burning workout and strengthened my entire body! Not bad for one little piece of training equipment that takes up less than a square foot!

To understand kettlebell ladders better, check out the video below!
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