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Kettlebell Daily Workout for Six Pack Abs

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:58pm

Today's kettlebell workout is incredibly simple and brutally effective for burning fat and building six pack abs. I used only one exercise and trained for just 20 minutes but it was enough to boost my metabolism and really work my abs because the workout was so focused. I have said it before and I will say it again, you do not need to train in the gym for one hour then do half an hour of mind numbing cardio to "get in shape", whatever that is. All you need to do is train really hard, really often, for short periods of time . In the words of an old time strongman who's name I forget, "Train as frequently as possible and as hard as possible while staying fresh." I don't recommend letting any training session extend past 1 hour as 30-45 minutes seems to be best for recovery and hormone levels. It is better to train a little each day and feel great then to kill yourself now and then and barely ever workout!

What is frequent training? Well, it isn't 3 times a week. Frequent training is daily exercise and that means darn near every day if you want to lose weight or build muscle. That being said, it does not mean doing the same thing every day. Far from it! Your body can adapt in as little as four workouts so you need to mix it up all the time. I generally alternate between a strength session and a fat loss (energy system) every day. For example:

  • Monday upper body strength,

  • Tuesday fat loss,

  • Wednesday lower body strength (today's kettlebell fat loss workout)

  • Thursday fat loss,

  • Friday upper body hypertrophy ,

  • Saturday fat loss

  • Sunday rest or lower body hypertrophy

With all the fat loss workouts I do not really worry about the second lower body training session as the bulk of my energy system work is sprinting or kettlebells. My legs get enough stimulus between a hard gym workout of squats and other good stuff plus sprints and kettlebells. You may recognize this as Joe DeFranco's West Side for Skinny Bastards , because that is pretty much what it is!

So today is Wednesday and I did a fat loss workout. Did I go for a jog? Hells no! Did I do 30 minutes on the exercise bike while reading a magazine? Are you crazy! First I warmed up with body weight movements, then I picked up my kettlebell, chose one full body exercise and then did as many reps as possible in 20 minutes. Was it hard? You bet it was! My heart was pounding like crazy and I was begging for 20 minutes to come!

By now you are probably wondering what exercise I chose that can help you burn fat and sport some nice abs. Well, there is the nothing magical about the movement I chose, except that it is a full body movement, it is newish to my body (I haven't really used it much) and it is a rotational movement. Rotational movements will really blast the abs and are under trained by athletes. If you need to exert force in sports, most of the time it is in a rotational plane (throwing, batting, punching, shooting, hitting, etc). So DO ROTATIONAL EXERCISES!

The exercise I used today was the Kettlebell Figure 8 to a Hold. It is a very fun and physically demanding drill so I highly recommend it. Like I wrote above, I did as many reps as possible for 20 minutes. Yes this is a really simple workout but try it out yourself and see how your body feels after 15 then 20 minutes of a brand new kettlebell exercise. Trust me, you will know it is working!

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