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Kettlebell Daily Workout for Fat Loss and Six Pack Abs

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm 1 Comment

Today's Russian Kettlebell Daily Workout is a simple yet brutally effective drill to really burn fat and get those coveted six pack abs. It is so simple you only need to do 4 exercises and train for only about 30 minutes but trust me, it is not easy!

The four exercises are the kettlebell swing, kettlebell, ab wheel roll out and the inchworm done in two series.

Series one is the kettlebell swing and ab wheel roll out pairing. Grab 1 kettlebell with both hands and start doing the kettlebell swing. Aim for reps between 10-30 reps depending on your conditioning. Put the kettlebell down, get down on your knees and grab the ab wheel. Do 5-10 roll outs depending on your abdominal strength. Repeat this series as many times as possible without stopping. Always move from the swings to roll outs and back without stopping. If you are getting very tired, that is a good thing, don't worry, as the CrossFit people say, "you will pass out before you die!" As fatigue sets in, begin to reduce the reps of both exercises. Keep moving for 15 minutes straight even if you are only doing singles of each movement.

Once you finish series one, catch your breath for about 2 minutes. Series two is kettlebell cleans paired with inchworms. Grab one kettlebell in one hand only and begin doing cleans, once you have hit the desired amount of reps, switch hands and repeat. Once the kettlebell cleans are done, put the bell down and touch your toes. Now walk out with your hands while your feet remain in place. Walk as far out as you can, stretching your arms past your face then walk back in. The amount of reps you choose for both cleans and inchworms are up to you, and they can change each set. Just like series one, do not stop moving for the entire 15 minutes even if you are doing one clean for each hand and one inchworm. It isn't about how many reps per set, it is about keeping the body working hard for a prolonged period.

Once you have done both series, lie on the ground and curse me. You have just worked harder than most people ever will. If you need ideas on how to do kettlebell swings, cleans, and snatches, just check out this cool kettlebell video from Europe!

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The video and the information given in the above blog are nice and informative. Thank you for such a nice post about the daily work outs. I am also doing my regular exercises and workouts by the guidance getting from the site They are providing good guidance and tips for the exercises and workouts which keeps our body fit.....


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