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Kettlebell Daily Workout, Circuit Training for Fat Loss

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:58pm
This Sunday morning I felt pretty fat after drinking Guinness's while watching UFC 85 at the local establishment so I decided to do a kettlebell fat loss workout as soon as I woke up. I did an hour of mobility work first, focusing on ankle and thoracic spine mobility because I find that it is affecting my ability to squat deep and really have perfect movement patterns in a lot of drills. Once I was mobile and warmed up, here is the training session I went through:

Circuit Training, complete the whole circuit then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for a total of four sets.

  1. Push-ups 10-20 reps (no weight, focus on strict form)
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats 15 reps per leg (no weight, focus on depth and balance)
  3. Kettlebell clean 10 reps per hand (one 24 kg kettlebell)
  4. Planks (as long as possible)
  5. Rotational cleans 3-5 reps (one 24 kg kettlebell)
  6. Curls 6-10 reps (25 lb plate, no dumbbell handle)
  7. Kettlebell Deadlift 10 reps (two 24 kg kettlebells)
  8. High Knees 20-40 per leg (no weight)
  9. Jumping Jacks 20-40 reps (no weight)
  10. Twist Tops 20 reps (no weight)

This is a circuit I made up right before the workout. I wanted to ensure that I incorporated some pushing, pulling, twisting and lunging movements as well as core stability in the workout. After reading a lot of Alywn Cosgrove's work, such as The New Rules of Lifting , I really understand the importance of the lunging and twisting. We do these movements all the time in sports and life, but when we lift it usually only focuses on pushing and pulling.

After the circuit training session I rest for a few minutes then did several sets of kettlebell clean and jerks. I am contemplating training for a kettlebell lifting contest so I was working on the clean and jerk for. I really suck at long cycles though so we will see if I can improve enough to compete! Check out the video below to get a good idea of what kettlebell long cycle training is like. I find watching these videos extremely humbling!

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