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Kettlebell Boot Camps

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:49pm

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Have you ever tried a boot camp? Neither have I so I signed up for one hosted by Marty Hansen from that will last the month of July. I am pretty excited about this and the effect it should have on my physique and performance. From what I understand there is a wide variety of boot camps so be sure to do some research on the trainer running the camp. Is this person certified? How long have they been training clients? Who have they trained that you know? These are important criteria to learn before spending your hard earned cash. Also, most trainers will let you attend one class free to see if it is for you. I highly recommend this because you may realize that training in a group setting or outdoors is not your thing.

Some reasons why I think boot camps are a great besides the fat loss and muscle building aspect of this style of training is the fact that people push themselves harder when training with others, especially with a trainer yelling at them! Also, exercising outside is extremely healthy; the fresh air and sunlight will make you feel like a million bucks. Probably the most important reason to attend a boot camp is that you will have someone else deciding what exercises, reps and sets to do. When people train themselves they tend to do what they like, or repeat the same activities too often, resulting in lackluster results. When you have a planned, professional workout regime to follow your results will always be superior.

What sort of implements are used in a boot camp - Russian Kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags, sleds, dumbbells, and usually some odd objects. The primary load used during boot camps is your own body weight. Expect to do a lot of push-ups, bear crawls and ab work along with sprints.
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