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Kettlebell and Body Weight Circuit Training

Posted Feb 11 2010 12:00am
Here is the kettlebell fat burning workout I did today.
  • mobility work, 5 mins
  • dynamic warm-up
    • reverse lunge with twist
    • side lunge
    • inch worm
    • Russian twist
    • t-push-up
  • body weight circuit
    • glute bridge
    • spinal rock drop
    • bird dog
    • swinging plank
    • single leg bridge
    • leg lifts
    • clam shell
    • push-ups
  • kettlebell complex, 4 rounds, 5-20 reps per drill depending on the load and your conditioning
    • reverse lunge with under leg pass
    • windmill
    • swing
    • military press
    • goblet squat
    • clean
  • body weight burn out, do one set of as many reps of each drill and then move to the next right away, try to gas yourself out!
    • burpees
    • squat
    • push-ups
    • mountain climbers
Here is another good body weight burnout you could do, or you could do it as a warm-up.

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