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Kettlbells and Body Weight Exerices for fun and fat loss

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm
If you are trying to lose weight and build muscle, you can train every single day if you want to but you must be careful with how hard you work. The advantages of daily training compared to a few workouts a week include an increased metabolism overall, and quicker improvements in exercise strength and skill. I train every day I can because life seems to get in the way sometimes. If you have scheduled Off days, and then miss some On days because of life, the next thing you know you haven't worked out all week! How are you going to get abs and really fit if you never train?

The risk associated with training 7 days a week is that you can easily burn out physically or emotionally. Luckily this is avoidable through variation of exercise intensity and selection. What I am saying here is Mix It Up! Whatever your goal is, do a variety of fitness activities to keep the body and mind fresh.

Here is a regular week of training, minus the missed workouts due to "life":

  • Sunday, light body weight drills to improve mobility and get a good sweat. Nothing stressful.
  • Monday, hard and heavy weight training session to improve strength. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups, etc.
  • Tuesday, kettlebell fat burning workout
  • Wednesday, another tough powerlifting workout. Slightly different movements than Monday but same genre.
  • Thursday, short and tough kettlebell session
  • Friday, weight training again. Slightly higher reps (maybe 5-6) and less stress full movements . Front squats, chins, dips, RDL's, etc.
  • Saturday, hill sprints combined with push-ups and pull-ups as a complex. Quick pace outside to really get a sweat going and go into O2 debt.

The above workout is just an example. I am also exercise at home a lunch for 15-30 minutes with my kettlebell or body weight just to get some extra fat burned. Now, this is a pretty brutal workout routine but high level amateur athletes to do much more volume than this. The key here is a variety of exercises. No two training sessions are the exact same. Also, I will often miss one or two of these days due to life getting in the way. I don't sweat that though because I often need the break because I never plan days off. I just keep training until I can't.

Believe it or not I do listen to my body. If I am feeling too beat up or tired to train, I take a nap, a day off or I do a really light and fun workout like a bike ride. Again, I don't sweat it because I know I am getting enough volume. People with their 3 day a week schedule end up missing so many scheduled training sessions and still take their days off that frankly, they don't really exercise regularly!

If you are looking for variety in your training routine, and who isn't? Check out the video below, this is a great drill to increase upper body and core strength at the same time.
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