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Ketchup- Heart Health Benefits

Posted Jan 27 2009 12:00am

Ever scolded kids for eating too much ketchup? Well it turns out, that eating ketchup can actually be healthy. It’s the Lycopene, you see.

Lycopene is the nutrient that makes tomatoes and ketchup red. Diets rich in lycopene actually reduces chances of heart diseases and even cancer. And the poor ketchup is among the richest sources of lycopene. In fact, lycopene is a stronger antioxidant that beta carotene. Diets rich in lycopene are associated with lowering the risks of various sorts of cancer, especially skin, prostrate and digestive tract.

According to a study at Harvard University, women with the lowest heart disease risk averaged about 10 milligrams or more of lycopene a day, that is the equivalent of half a cup of tomato ketchup daily.
The other benefits of ketchup due to lycopene include reduction of cholesterol, reduction in risk of developing diabetes, reduces risk of gum diseases, reduces osteoporosis, reduces risk of cataracts, increases male fertility and has anti aging benefits.

Cooked tomatoes contain a higher lycopene content than raw tomatoes. In fact tests show that lycopene is more readily absorbed into the body when it is processed into a sauce or paste or simply cooked.

All ketchup brands are not created equal and they can be high in sodium and sugar content, so we suggest that you make the right choice to make the most of this tasty, popular sauce.


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