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Keep Your Feet Straight

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:39pm

Have you ever looked at your toes while you do your leg exercises like: squats, lunges, leg presses, even cardio?

Probably not.

Next time you finish a leg exercise look down at your feet.

Most likely they are as straight as Carson Kressley...

...there is no way he's straight and no way your toes are either!

I'm going to use the pictures from my brother's 369 Exercise Science class @ the University of Kansas again to show thatkeeping your feet forwardwith your leg exercises is thebest bet

MRI Comparisons of Three Different Leg Extensions

Internal Rotation (Toes Inward)

External Rotation (Toes Outward)

Neutral Position (Toes Forward)

What These Pictures Tell Us:

  • Floral printed workout gear is still...OUT.
  • Lighter the colored the muscle the more activated it is
  • The four muscles that make up the quadriceps aremost activatedwhen the toes areneutral(VastusMedialis,RectusFemoris,VastusIntermedius,VastusLateralis)

Most people (I hope) no longer still do these variations on the leg extension, but this stands true for not only the leg extension. Your feet should always be parallel, like you are standing on skis, during your leg exercises. Even if your feet rotate during the exercise, shift them back to parallel ASAP.

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