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Keep it Fresh

Posted by Kevin Y.

Boredom, its not just for work, anymore; finding the workout routine that is best for you is what everyone wants, it's great, but make sure it doesn't become as stale as those donuts you've been skipping. An assortment of workouts will not only keep exercise fresh, in your mind, but also boost the results that you want. Seeking fat loss and muscle tone requires more than a regular commitment, it requires you to occasionally trick your muscles into thinking they're not strong enough to do what you've asked of them. Routinely doing the same repetitious exercises will cease to be a challenge for your body. Without diversity, your body will plateau and thereby burn fewer calories and build less new muscle. Alternate your workout by learning and doing new weightlifting or strength moves then change your aerobics from cycling to running or swimming every few weeks. It will not only benefit your body, but it will keep you excited to workout. Links: Read Tom Holland's The Truth About How to Get in Shape
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