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Just a Quick Reminder…

Posted Jul 03 2008 5:10pm

Im getting all kinds of great submissions for thePowerBar “Celebrate your Insecurity” Giveaway. The competition is feirce, folks, so get creative. Its so much fun to see what all of you guys actually look like! you guys have to stare at my ugly mug all the time, but i rarely get to see any of you.

And to loosen you guys all up a bit, so you aren’t scared to submit, I will post my flaw:

My giant nose.

(That’s my 21st birthday, so excuse whatever the hell I’m doing at that moment)

I said flaw instead of insecurity, because Im not very insecure about it. I used to be. OH GOD how i used to be. Ever sincethat kid called me big nose, I have been painfully aware of my giant schnoz. Every one tells me it is not big, which bothers me, because IT IS BIG. I know it tis, and they know it is, but they are just trying to be polite. I always thought if i could just shave a fewfeetinches off the end of it, I’d be golden. But then one day, i actually thought about it. Would i really? If I had the money and there was zero risk of ending uplike this, would i do it? and my honest, deep down in my bowels gut feeling was NO. i would not. because it is my face, and who am I to change that? What would it do, besides invite a lot of embarrassing questions? Not a damn thing.

Oh, and sometimes I just get really excited about things for no reason and embarrass myself, like this:

But that’s more of a character flaw. One of, well, one.

So please dont say it is not big. It is. We all know it. Its like telling someone they have brown hair. Saying it is won’t hurt my feelings, but saying it isnt will insult my intellegence. So go on, tell me I have a big nose. I truely, honestly, dont care. I dare you.

And i dare you to email me your flaw. Right now.

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