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Jill's Fit Tip Tuesday! ~ What's your excuse?

Posted Feb 17 2011 8:24pm

What is your excuse? We all make them.
There are many days where I just don't work out. Some day's I just don't eat right.
We all have them! You know an excuse for why we messed our day up. For me they are really lame excuse. None the less they get me out of doing what I should be doing. Down deep inside I do care about working out and eating right. So in my journal I thought I should come up with a positive list something I can look at the next time I want to make up some excuse why I can't!! Having a list of Why I should will help me do the right thing.

The 3 excuses I use the most.

1. I just did not have time to workout.
2. I eat bad because I am stressed and tired.
3. I am so tired after a long day of taking care of the house and kids I did not make it to the gym.

Here are a few other excuses my friends use.

* I am not seeing results so I think I will throw in the towel.

* I travel so for me finding time is next to impossible.

Don't let excuses keep you from not doing what you should. It is so important to eat right and get plenty of exercise. Even if you don't have a gym membership you can do work out DVD's or fast pace walking. We really need to get out of the habit of making excuses and get into the habit of just getting it done. Mid February is when most people that had the resolution to get fit in 2011 stop because they have not seen big results. Stop looking for BIG results and reward your self for the small ones. Let's not look at exercise like a chore anymore look at it like the best gift you are giving yourself. Time to get healthy!
The power to change is in all of us!! Now go in do the right thing!!

Now I want to hear from you!! What excuses do you use to not eat right and to not make it to the gym? How can you change that negative excuse into a positive action?
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