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Jeanette Jenkins - The Hollywood Trainer Blast the Belly Fat Review and Giveaway

Posted Nov 17 2010 2:04am
Blast the Belly Fat Workout Details

Released in 2010,   Blast the Belly Fat   is  Jeanette Jenkins  – The Hollywood Trainer   most recent addition to her workout library.  This workout features cardio, targeted abdominal exercises and total body core exercises.  With a total running time of approximately 73 minutes,  Blast the Belly Fat  consists of a warm-up (8 minutes), Circuit #1 (13 minutes) Circuit #2 (17 minutes), Circuit #3 (19 minutes), Mat Work (9 minutes) and Stretch (7 minutes).  Equipment needed for the workout includes two sets of dumbbells – a light set and a heavy set, a stability ball and an exercise mat.  From the Main Menu, you have the option to play the workout in its entirety or pick and choose a specific segment.  In Blast the Belly Fat, Jeanette is joined by three background exercisers.  

Blast the Belly Fat Workout Review

Warm-up  – the workout begins with a thorough and dynamic warm-up.  Jeanette uses a stability ball in the warm-up, along with full body movements, to get the body warm and ready for the workout.  Right from the get-go, she incorporates cross-body rotational moves that engage and fire up the core. 

Circuit #1  - Get ready to sweat in the first circuit.  Circuit #1 begins with cross-body jacks, elbow to knee, alternated with jogging in place with an overhead reach.  Next up in the circuit is a stationary lunge with a bicep curl into a torso rotation reaching one arm out to the front and the other to the side.  The stationary lunge is then repeated on the other side.  The last exercise in the circuit is a knee tuck on the stability ball.  The moves are repeated two more time to complete the circuit.

Circuit #2  - This circuit starts out tough with a mountain climber sequence.  Next come lateral shuffles tapping the floor with the hand.  With a heavy dumbbell in hand, or two light dumbbells, it’s time to do some cross-body woodchops followed by cross jabs, rotating through the obliques, while holding a plie squat.  Next up in the circuit is a ball roll out into a plank topped off with alternating knee-ins while holding plank on the ball.   The final exercise in the circuit continues to use the stability ball with focused abdominal work on the ball.  The entire circuit is repeated two more times. 

Circuit #3  - Though this circuit is longer than the previous two, I found it to be the easier of the three.  First we start out with a high knee jog into cross-torso knee ups and alternating upper cuts.  Still focusing on the obliques, we shift to a series of standing oblique crunches first knee to elbow and then long lever arm and leg extended.  Next it’s time to do more abdominal work with the stability ball with a move called the downhill ski.  This is similar to the stability ball knee tuck from earlier except now we are rotating from side to side. Circuit #3 is rounded out with a lateral flexion on the ball, stability ball pass from hands to feet and a three-count crunch with calves on the ball.  Again, the circuit is completed two more times.

Mat Work  - Time to pull out the exercise mat and hit the deck for some abdominal floor work.  The mat work begins with the 100 and then moves on to roll-ups and a bicycle crunch with legs extended.  The last exercise in this cycle is an extended leg and arm reach.  The abdominal circuit is repeated one more time.

The workout concludes with a well-deserved stretch.

As the workout title suggests, this workout is all about cardio and core.  While we all know we can’t spot reduce, this workout does an excellent job of using effective cardio movements that engage the core, while at the same time, elevating the heart rate to burn calories and fat, which is essential to revealing a toned midsection.  Jeanette also uses several total body movements with cross body rotation to draw on the entire core.  The focused abdominal work then zeroes in and fires up the core for a thorough abdominal workout.  Jeanette does an excellent job setting up the exercises, delivering cues throughout the workout and offering encouragement and motivation.  The workout offers versatility with the option of selecting an individual circuit when short on time.  Done in its entirety, the workout provides a great cardiovascular and core focused workout.   

Blast the Belly Fat Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a copy of  Blast the Belly Fat  courtesy of  The Hollywood Trainer.  Please go to to enter.

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This giveaway begins 11/16/10 and will end on 11/22/10 @ 10p.m central and is open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen randomly via An email notification will be sent to the email address provided by the winner with 48 hours to respond. Failure to do so will result in a new winner being selected. Please see Terms and conditions  for full giveaway rules.

Disclaimer: The Hollywood Trainer provided me with a copy of Blast the Belly Fat to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Giveaway retail value is $19.99.

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