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It’s Healthy Living Weight Loss Workout Clean Kitchen *WHATEVS* Tip Day!

Posted Oct 28 2008 1:46am

It has been FOREVER since we’ve done a plain ole GIVE US YER TIPS post at MizFit.

A collection & gathering of our fave health/fitness/life balance suggestions.

As always, I’ll start us off with my most recent conglomeration of I Cant Believe It has Taken Me So Long To Figure This Out! moments.

1. Baking treats for Halloween? Spray your rubber spatula with cooking spray and the batter wont stick (how do I KNOW Marianne is already aware of this one).

B. The faster you drink your coffee the less likely it is to stain your teeth (I love this one. I love my morning coffee. Im happy to oblige & inhale quickfastandinahurry).

11. Adding cucumber slices to the water you drink is both pretty and acts as a natural diuretic (anyone already know this? I had no idea…)

D. We (not the royal. Never the Bumbling Band.) tend to GAIN WEIGHT when we change clothes immediately after work (from fitting outfits to loose & baggie sweats). Those who remain in more constricting attire tend to consume fewer calories at night.

(again, please to remember these are merely tips & not necessarily how MizFit rolls no matter how good for you the suggestion.)

13.Looking to stretch your food purchasing dollar? If your recipe calls for ground white turkey try using 10% Grapenuts cereal (it works, People, and NO ONE is the wiser. until now, anyway).

y. Left with extra coffee in your morning pot? freeze the excess into cubes so that, when you make iced coffee later, it can be kept COLD without being watered down (please to refer back to B. and feel sad for Miz that she was *quite excited* about this realization).

Z. This may only be for the parents (although with Halloween right around the corner perhaps NOT): need to remove face paint without your Tornado having a hissy fit because it is taking so long? Two words: olive oil. One more word: EASY!


That’s all Ive collected since last time.

You? Got anything for us?
What’s that you say? you need enticing?


All through October Scott Common Sense has been chatting about healthy living.

They’ve been featuring daily tips on site and have generously offered to give one member of the Bumbling Band a 100 dollar Visa Gift Card to spend on his or her healthy living endeavors.

New clothes? Gym membership? Personal trainer sessions? Groceries? Whatever you want!

And that’s not all! The lucky Visa card winner *also* gets a one year supply of Scott bath & towel products ( MizFit note: dang! )

Suddenly recall an amazing health/fitness/life balance tip to share?

I thought so.

You can be entered to win for the lowlow price of a comment below.

And, alas, it’s USA only (I know) so the old rules apply: if you win and youre a NON USA RESIDENT you may pick another commenter to receive the treat.

Think of it as your big ass Random Act of Kindness for the year.

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