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It’s all about the children…and the childISH at heart.

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:47pm

I like to think the ENTIRE Bumbling Band is as busy as I am this holiday season.

While Hanukkah Hysteria is, IMO, far more benign than Christmas CHAOS it’s a big ole time suck a lot of time & effort none the less.

I appreciate you dropping by and, as a reward, I’ll make an effort to be brief.

Today’s topic was sparked by this generous blogger & a kids workout dvd she donated our way.

(we’ll get to the freebie dvd later, People. First some unsolicited MizFit rambles)

Her email started me thinking not just about kids & exercise, but about adults & how we role model (kinda sorta ala this post ).

I started pondering the concept of RESPECT.

Respect isnt often a word I often associate with exercise.

Up in herre it’s used more in reference to you need to change thattone of voice or perhaps, oh beloved Tornado, you might be making somepoor word choice s.

Respect is a word kids hear often and yet it often *isnt* what we model for them in the realm of fitness & health.

Sure, we model the please & thank you niceties, but how many of us respect our bodies in front of our children?

(Ill letcha sit with that for a moment to see if it resonates with you.)

We (the royal. the plural.) talk at them about the importance of respect while, simultaneously, we disrespect our bodies with poor food choices & not making time in our day to exercise.

I know for me the notion of BODY AS TEMPLE isn’t one I’ve spent much time mulling. Yet that concept melds perfectly with the idea of conveying bodily-respect to our children/spouses/partners *wordlessly* through our behaviors.

Lay it on me, Oh Bumbling Band. Has MizFit lost her mind with this post or does the notion of leading by example through respecting one’s body give you a JOLT! as well?

Children-filled or child-free I long to know. Please to hit us all up in the comments.

And now your freebie.

I decided at the age of 46 to become a trainer. As I got to the written portion of my exam, one of the Essay questions was to research and write about Childhood Obesity.

I googled Childhood Obesity thinking there could not be much out there to choose from. What I found literally broke my heart. The Washington Post ran a headline: “Obesity threatens a Generation” Stated in the Post article was a line that struck me and should strike every parent reading it. “Young bodies are much more vulnerable to the toxic effects of fat.” Wikipedia even has an entry for Childhood Obesity! Describing it as “A condition where excess body fat negatively affects a child’s health or well being.” According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 percent of children ( over 9 million ) 6-19 years old are overweight or obese — a number that has TRIPLED since 1980.

In addition to the 16 percent of children and teens ages 6 to 19 who were overweight in 1999-2002, another 15 percent were considered at risk of becoming overweight. Overweight Adolescents have a 70 % Chance of being overweight or obese adults. The one aspect of Childhood Obesity that I never even considered was the social aspect. We all know children can be ridiculed by others that aren’t like them. Do you think I am trying to scare you? I am. You are their only hope.

Okay, enough of the scariness—let’s fix it! As I searched for the right way to get children up and at it, the answer was at my fingertips the entire time. One of my favorite cardio DVD’s is Hip, Hop Abs.

Shaun T. has a great Children’s DVD “Fit Kids.” Cool Music and Cool moves, like “The Snake and Dust and Wave.
Yes, I admit, my friend Rachel and I have watched and maybe one of us got up and worked out to the DVD. Also included is Healthy Snack ideas, a guide to learn to read nutritional labels and a wall poster to keep track of workouts. Fit Kids is recommended for 7 years and up. Okay, up to 48…if you include me!

You can be entered to win the Sean T. DVD for the low low price of a comment below (Ive seen it & Meribeth isnt joking about the kids of all ages. I love me some Sean T).

Oh, and in case you needed some kidLEVITY this morning with your Tuesday post, I give you the Tornado. Violating all kinds of gym rules and trying to get fit in the process.

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