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It is Important to Check a Personal Trainer’s References and Credentials

Posted Jan 02 2011 2:59am

New York City personal trainers and other body building experts, come in all shapes and sizes, and also all levels of education. While any experienced body builder or body sculptor can offer tips on weight training, improve your workout, and even offer diet advice, those well educated in the field of personal training might be better equipped to evaluate and advise their clients than those not specifically educated in helping others gain a better level of fitness. That said though, some things education cannot fix, and there are opportunities for real life equivalents to formal education.


Deciding on a personal trainer in Brooklyn, whether certified by an agency or college educated exercise physiologist is a personal choice, and one that may have more to do with personal taste, or even budget than sound judgment. However it is always a great idea to at least clarify the level of education/expertise your trainer has attained. There are many levels of training and credentials for personal trainers, and no absolute authority or license is universally required. Legally any friend can help you work out. A personal trainer Brooklyn, gym educated or college educated is merely assisting the client in a proper workout so regulating personal trainers would be very difficult in practice.


Some Personal Trainers have four year degrees in sports and weight training related fields such as physical education or even sports medicine. Others have one or two year degrees from local community colleges. There are also certificates available, and while some of these are legitimate, others can be easily ordered over the internet, with no background check. Obviously this is a difference in educational levels among personal trainers Brooklyn that gym attendees should be aware of.


Some personal trainers Brooklyn trained in local gyms are quite knowledgeable, intuitive and or well versed on everything a college educated personal trainer should know. Others though may not know and merely be relying on their own powerful appearance as the only credential they need.


References may give a clearer view of a trainer than education level, and would definitely be more important than a certificate in Personal Training, which anyone can obtain easily enough. Unfortunately everyone looks for different qualities in a trainer. Some prefer a drill sergeant style while others want to be coddled. Perhaps it is most important to know exactly what you want from a personal trainer, in order to evaluate necessary credentials, and the information gleaned from references.

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