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It’s time to welcome in the substitutes

Posted Jun 05 2008 3:05am

Teacherapple Do you remember how news that a beloved teacher was absent would quickly spread through the school hallways? I do. I also remember during my early school days that soon after that rumor hit my ears feelings of dread would begin to set in. Oh no, not the substitute. I believe it is almost a reflex reaction to respond negatively to most things considered a substitute for what we really want.

In the end, the substitute really was not nearly as awful as we forethought. If we even allowed ourselves to be open (even a little bit), we realized the substitute was really okay and just another regular person.

The same is true for us now as adults, just being a little open to substitutes can lead us on a pathway of discovering healthier eating habits that are also (not God awful) but okay and very beneficial.

Most people think heart-healthy living involves sacrifice. Give up your favorite foods. Break a sweat. Lose weight. But some of the best things you can do for your heart do not involve deprivation or medication. Simple and even pleasurable changes in the foods you eat can rival medication in terms of the benefit to your heart, writes Tara Parker-Pope.

The Mediterranean Diet has been receiving a lot of worldwide news attention. Based on my personal experience, I am happy to report it is not one of those extreme diets that will cause you to feel major deprivation, nor will it leave you hungry, weak and ready to cheat. Mediterraneandiet

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle of healthy eating that is built on the typical dietary patterns of those that live in and around the Mediterranean Basin. You can expect to take pleasure in foods such as:  olive oil, fruits, vegetables, bread, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, cheese, yogurt and even moderate wine (if you desire).  Explore for yourself and see how just a few small (and might I add “tasty” substitutes) will bring you many heart healthy benefits, lower blood pressure, lower sugar levels, minimize weight gain and/or enhance weight loss.  Let me know how things work out for you.


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