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It’s summer junk food DETOX time!

Posted Aug 20 2012 4:00am

ahh the lazy, treat-filled days of summer.

Ive touched upon this a little in my blogs.

If we hang out in real life (& by “real life” I may or may not mean facebook, twitter, or texting) Ive yammered at you about it a lot.

It was an awesome summer here.  I ADORED all the TornadoTime .  I’ve LOVED our STAYcation and general frolicking.

Over the past few days Ive noticed how, uh, off-track we’ve gotten.

Sugar has sneaked her wily way in the Tornado’s (fingerquote) diet (unFQ) and more than anything the accompanying *moodswings* need to be shed STAT.

Planned family meals have slid down the slippery slope of ‘summer lets eat on the GO GO GO because outdoors fun CALLS CALLS CALLS!”

There are a mere seven days left until school starts.

7 days to DETOX, get us all back on track, a weetad less moody, get the fiber back in and the poop flowing, and ready to start the school year on the right foot.**

Seven days. 

Six tips. 

Lets get started!

Six Tips for Detoxing (you or) Your Child From Junk Food

  • Ply the pie-hole with water. Whether your little one has root-beer flowing through her veins or not, the first step to getting back on track is hydration.  Talk with them (at their age-level) about the importance of water for our bodies to function.  At age 6 the Tornado is fascinated water makes up more than half our body weight and that water can be found in foods, too.  Harness this intrigue, as I have, and ply the pie-whole with WATER LADEN veggies! (Also, I have no shame. I started her off with bubble water . No flavors–but bubbles allthesame)
  • Get on a schedule/back on schedule. Traveling (if your child/spouse/partner/YOU are riding the sugar-pony due to vacation) can throw meals out of whack.  The day after I returned from my last trip (where I thought I was in-whack ) I saw flashes of light around one of my eyes (!).  I panicked.  I called my doctor.  He instructed me to eat and, if the flashes remained, come in immediately.  As soon as I ate the flashes disappeared. Because I never allow my bloodsugar to get low—I’d never experienced that before.  I needed to get back on an eating schedule *then* and the Tornado does *now.*  Not only will it make her food intake balanced/spread through her day—she will be less blood-sugar dropping CRANKY (and we all look forward to that).
  • Plan healthy meals and snacks….and let your child(ren)/partner help. Not only will they learn the importance of planning/consuming healthy foods through this experience—-they (young and old) will feel empowered as they they choose/make the meals.  Nothing ensures children of all ages will *eat something* more than having a hand in the creation process.
  • Create meals/snacks with an abundance of FIBER .  Bottom line (pun intended):  our bodies were created to detox quite naturally when given enough water & fiber. Nothing clogs us (the royal) up like fiberFREE processed, junk food.  Design meals and snacks around fibrous foods your child/partner enjoys. Here’s a list if you need some ideas —I know I did.
  • Practice what you preach—-and RESIST urge to preach.  For the past few days Ive longed to preach.  This has been a first for me. I r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to preach at Ren Man.  I composed veritable sermons in my head for the Tornado.  I came thisclose to shouting, “REALLY? YOURE ASKING ME FOR XXX?! DO YOU NOT GET THAT’S VACATION FOOD AND VACAY IS OVER?!”  I bit my tongue.  Quite literally.  I may or may not, however, have announced repeatedly how fantastic!I!felt! from all the clean food I was eating which brings me to…
  • Remind your child, when detoxed, how she felt before versus how she feels now. Of course the Tornado adored her sno-cones.  Hell to the YES she preferred juice (!)  to plain, bubble-filled tap water.  That said, she grasped on her kinder-level how outta whack she felt & how much she did NOT enjoy spending time in her room trying to calm herself down.  I focused on not talking about this in an negative fashion but in an “it’s all information and arent our bodies interesting!” way.  I truly believe these talks are a gift to her and a first step toward learning to be an intuitive ADULT eater   (Poor sentence construction.  I dont want her to eat adults).
  • Remember & remind your child that diet (food intake) is cumulative. Around here the motto is All things are fine in moderation. From television to turkey slices.  Around here a detox means a cleanse of sugar-sorts but not forever-banishment.  I worked to remind the Tornado wordlessly that our “diet” is the sum total of our day—not any one particular meal or snack.  And that more than anything it’s about how we FEEL after we eat—not what we’re eating.

And that’s where we are right now.

Taking & talking about the six steps.  Frolicking and fiber’ing through our last few days of summer.

And you?

  • Care to normalize for me how OUT OF WHACK we got this summer and share your sugartales o’woe?
  • Have any additional junk food detox tips (for the young & young-at-heart) to send my tripod’s way?






**No, not all of us are returning to school.  Yes, all of us can be kids at heart and in the belly.  Whether youre heading into the school year, general fall kickoff, vacation cessation or something else.  It’s all a good reason for us grown-up types to detox/clean up our eating, too.

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