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Isometric Bodyweight Workouts

Posted Feb 03 2010 10:40am
Isometric bodyweight workouts help you build strength and burn fat without moving much. Exercise without much movement you say? Keep talking right?!

Isometric exercises are very underrated. They are great for building muscles, stabilizing muscles, building strength, improving power and burning fat.

Isometric contractions can be described as a type of muscle contraction where your muscles develop tension without changing length. For example, pushing against a wall and holding for 30 seconds causes an isometric contraction.

You should strength train your muscles with all contraction types (eccentric, isometric, concentric). All muscles function eccentrically (reduces force or deceleration), isometrically (stabilizes force) and concentrically (produces force).

Isometric bodyweight workouts force most if not all of your muscles to work during an exercise. The stability ball plank exercise (pictured above) is a great example. To do the plank, you get into position and hold for a period of time (like 20 seconds). So, many core exercises are great isometric exercises.

So, here is a good isometric bodyweight workout for you:

1. Deep Knee Bends and Hold, 10 repetitions, 10 second hold
2. Stability Ball Plank, 10 repetitions, 20 second hold
3. Bridge, 10 repetitions, 20 second hold
4. Pushup and Hold, 20 second hold
5. Side Plank, 10 repetitions each side, 10 second hold
6. Captain Chair Knee Ups and Hold, 10 repetitions, 10 second hold
7. Ab Curl Ups and Hold, 10 repetitions, 20 second hold

Repeat this circuit 2 more times. Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits.

Now "hold on" and do your isometric bodyweight workout!

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