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Is working out 5 days a week too much?

Posted by C.L. R.

Since I have been working out with my honey, I've been keeping up the same workout schedule as him. At first, it was a lot for me but then I got into it. One day, I couldn't make a work-out and he commented, "That's okay - you really should only work-out three days a week anyway." When I pressed him on this, he said 5 days is typically too much for most people. It hasn't been for me but since I'm not an expert, I'm concerned that I'll strain myself or get sick or whatever. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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It really depends on your program and expectations. If you have the time and you're focused on fitness rather than high performance, than 5 days isn't too much.

5 Days strength training the same body parts is TOO MUCH. It shouldn't be done more than 3 days a week with rest in between. Now, if you broke your exercises down to cover upper body one day and lower body 2nd day then you're okay to shift to 5 or 6 days, but most people aren't looking to stress their body that way (This is how Boby Builders can spend so much time in the gym. They focus on spot training and can go more days in the week).

For cardio, again you can vary your routines enough that you are constantly challenging the body. Do sprints one day and long distance another. One really long cardio/low intensity one day, or series of 30 minute workouts over the week.

Usually, it's the limit of time and understanding how to vary exercises to not become dull that causes people to give up on 5 day routines.

I hope that helps.

I think a person should exercise 5 days a week. I completely agree with Cindy in that it depends on both your goals and your current fitness level. And you don't have to push it on all 5 days. Nice and easy walks around your neighborhood for half an hour counts- this is great for stress relief, keeping the momentum and making an active lifestyle a habit. I agree with the advice to not push yourself if you are feeling ill. Time to recoup is very important too. If you are trying to lose weight, 3 days a week is not going to cut it. It is important to not just follow someone elses routine as it is a very individual thing. 3 days a week is a great starting point, a great maintenance point etc. Check in with what your goals are, what your current fitness level is, and go from there. There is a reason there is a disclaimer before all fitness videos to "check with your Doctor before beginning this or any fitness program"- they are the best to help you gauge where you are starting from. Good luck- hope this helps:)
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