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Is there ANYTHING that you can do that will speed recovery time.......upper resp cold/flu

Posted by Pat Y.

There simply has GOT to be something that I can do to help myself feel better short of climbing in a bottle of Not really, I am not a drinker, I just feel so miserable and need to start my wellness program at work. I have the day off and wanted to do the first round of walking to get things off to a start but I can't seem to stop coughing, I feel lousy, and may just spend the day in bed, again.............

ps, am taking vit c, zinc, drinking chamomile tea, lots of fluids....all the stuff that makes sense......but still not better.

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Vitamin D!! Vitamin D causes the body to produce a natural antibiotic that can help to fight colds and flu. You can safely take a large dose of Vitamin d, 100,000 IU's -200,000 IU's ONCE (some researchers are recommending 2000 IU's per kilogram per day each day for 3 days safely when under a doctor's care and many countries give elderly people a 600,000 IU dose all at once, one time a year to prevent Vitamin D deficiency) when you actually have a cold or flu.

Kerri Knox, RN -The Immune System Queen 

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