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Is There A Remedy For Reactive Arthritis?

Posted Dec 06 2008 11:34pm

Reactive arthritis, commonly known as Reiter’s Syndrome, is a type of arthritis that is accompanied by redness, swelling and heat in the joints. Especially in the spine but there is also inflammation of other joints, the urinary tract and even the eyes. Reiter’s Syndrome is something that is related to the family of different arthritic conditions that is known as spondylarthropathies. This group of diseases causes trouble to the spine. Those who are suffering from Reiter’s Syndrome will have swelling, fever, and ulcers in the mouth, plus weight loss and sores on the skin.

With many of the diseases that are known today, Reiter’s Syndrome has no confirmed cause and can affect anyone of any age, gender or race. There are researchers that do believe that Reiter’s Syndrome is going to be due to mostly genetics because there are many tendencies that seem to run in families. There is about 75% of people who are suffering from Reiter’s Syndrome have a certain gene that is known to start the condition. This is a painful disease that will affect young men who are white and around the ages of 20 and 40.

Reiter’s Syndrome is also known to develop after certain infections in the small intestine, urinary tract or genitals. It is linked to salmonella contamination, so you need to take measures to avoid this condition be sure that your foods are cooked properly.

This disease does affect a number of parts of the body. There are different treatments that must be used to help the patients be healthy and have normal lives. Medications like NSAIDS block and stop inflammation in joints and may be used. There are antibiotics and skin medications that are used to clear up the painful sores that will start on the body.

People with Reiter’s Syndrome will also see urologists to deal with the urinary tract infections, and occupational therapists to take care of the joints.

Seek advice from dermatologists to clear up skin problems that accompany Reiters. Also physical therapists can teach you different exercises that can help lower the pain and swelling in your joints. You may also want to see doctors who specialize in the eyes because this condition can cause inflammation of the eyes too. If you or someone that you know is diagnosed with Reiter’s Syndrome, also called Reactive Arthritis, you need to learn about it so you can live with it and have a more normal life.

Finally, here are two practical health-based steps for you to consider. A diet for arthritis and these natural cures for arthritis. Natural treatments and cures have been very helpful for some sufferers.

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