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Is it better to stretch before or after my workout?

Posted Jul 19 2010 12:00am
We are often advised to stretch. But we do hear of people who pulled a muscle while stretching. Others praise its benefits. After reading ACE's newsletter article, I guess, it's a matter of "WHEN, TO DO WHAT"

WHAT is Static Stretch : Holding a stretch in one position without movement
WHEN should we do it : at the end of a workout, during the 'cool-down' stage
WHY : Because by then, the muscles are sufficiently warmed & are more pliable. Less risk of injury
BENEFITS : Improves posture, improves flexibility

WHAT is Dynamic Stretch : active range of motion movements that tend to resemble sport or movement-specific actions
WHEN should we do it : at beginning of a workout
WHY : A safer and effective way to prepare a body for exercise. It lengthens the fascia (the connective tissue around the muscles), increases core body temperature and functionally prepares the body for the activity to come.
Eg. : bird-dog , bear crawl and dirty dog .

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