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Is Exercise.TV Ready for Gamers and Geeks?

Posted Dec 02 2008 1:15am

I must admit, I was briefly impressed when Exercise.TV (a website that streams exercise videos on demand) started categorizing their workout plans by “personality types”. As fitness professionals, we are always encouraged to assess a client’s full profile when designing an exercise plan - beyond simply considering their physical fitness levels. Clearly, the Fitness Newbie should receive a different workout plan then a Fitness Trendster. But, on the website, it is also nice to see that the Busy Businessman would be receiving a different plan than the Dorm Room Diva.

So, imagine my surprise when out of 30 different personality-based workout plans, I came across the ones for Gamer and Cubicle Geek (the two groups I enjoy training the most).

Each profile has its own description. For instance, Gamers “see a lot of action every day: gunfire, hand grenades, street races, drug busts, and archeological adventures… and the adventure is 100% virtual.” And Cubicle Geek is said to benefit from a workout design that upgrades his current exercise ritual of “walking from his chair to the water cooler.”

So… what does Exercise.TV have in store for these two characters?

A 14-day series of conventional exercises that include working out with Resist-a-Balls, Stretch bands, and foam rollers. I’m not sure this really catches the eyes of the gamer/geek. Do you?

Now, I’m not suggesting that Gamers should exercise with a Wii-Fit and Cubicle Geeks should connect treadmills to their computers. That would be much too cliche. But I’m also not implying that gamers/geeks wouldn’t be able to execute these workout plans successfully - cuz some of them, I’m sure, could.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to design a program around a type of lifestyle, at least make the effort to provide a plan that is relevant to that audience.

I mean, seriously - can you really see the someone like Chris Pirillo doing this?

Just sayin’…

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