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Is dancing really a good way to loose weight?

Posted by Michael P.

i'm trying to find new activities to get into better shape... is dancing a good place to start?
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i think that dancing is a great place to start... i used to do dance classes all the time and i used to be in great shape (not that i'm in bad shape now:)
Dancing is a GREAT place to start to increase your physical activity. It is an ABSOLUTELY fun, invigorating, inexpensive way to get cardiovascular benefits as long as your intensity is moderate and your duration is for about 30-60 minutes. Researchers at Mayo Clinic found that 30-60 minutes of continuous dancing can burn as many calories as walking or biking for the same amount of time. In addition, since dancing is a weight bearing activity, it can increase bone strength as well as improve muscle coordination and improve your mood and energy level. A 130 pound person who dances for an hour will burn approximately 266 calories; A 155 pound person will burn about 317 calories; A 190 pound person will burn about 388 calories. If you love to dance, put on your boogie shoes and "get down tonight" !!
i used to belly dance but i didn't like that i burned very few calories. i still belly dance for fun or for DH. I also used to do Carmen Electra's Strip Tease Cardio that's a nice workout!!! fun, sexy and you can make your hubby happy as well ;)
.. if you're like me and need something fun to "hook" me into a good physical routine, dancing is the gateway activity, definitely. There are so many different types out there, depending on how hard of a workout you need, and the social aspect of it makes it enjoyable. Once you get used to your heart pumping more, it then leads to a bit of encouragement to try other activities from there.
When I used to take ballet classes, they were deceptively shaping! Posture was better, flexibility was great. And, even if I weren't losing pounds, the muscles were all trained and tight. I was very sad when the ballet teacher, who was very elderly, had to move into an assisted living situation. After a tough class, she advised us to take a hot bath. Interestingly, she never let us sit down during class -- she said our rear ends would sag!
Anything that gets the body moving is a good form of exercise for losing weight. The best exercise is also fun and enjoyable, so dancing kills two birds with one stone.
Dance is so fun and there are enough different styles to suit everyone. I think the key is to find music that really moves you and then learn (or just play!) the dancing style that goes with it. There's no point learning salsa if you can't stand the soundtrack!
YES!!! What's even better is you can do any style and really get a great workout: At home (no one to watch), to a DVD (libraries tend to have a good starter selection), or in a class (extra motivation with a partner or friends).
Absolutely! The best part is that you're having so much fun you hardly realize that you're getting a great workout. It's also something you can do anytime and it's a great way to socialize instead of going out to eat. Have fun!
Yes, Salsa is great! I stopped ballroom dancing and gained s e v e r a l pounds....I plan to start dancing soon....have fun!

i am moving to austin and i want to take dance classes because i am in drill team now and its a great way to lose weight and excersize

yes because you are very active while dancing
dancing is a great way to get into shape and have fun while doing so. It is amazing when you see dancing with the stars before and after they loose so much weight while on the show.
I think its a great way to get in shape. Who doesnt love the body of a dancer? Plus it will add some spice to your workout routine.
There are dances which are designed to combine dance moves with cardio.

Definitely can be! Duration of time and intensity of the moves will ultimately determine how much of a workout you get. I would recommend doing this as a portion of your weightloss program, which would also include healthy eating and other forms of exercise like weights and cardio

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