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Is brown wheat bread healthy?

Posted May 21 2009 12:00am

Did you know that any brown coloured bread, can be called Brown Bread? It could be white bread, coloured with molasses or brown sugar that can also be called brown bread. So, on the face of it, don’t assume that all ‘brown bread’ is healthy. So, is wheat Bread healthy? Read below …

Well, any bread can be called Wheat Bread. Most of the bread available in the market uses wheat as its ingredient. so any bread using wheat as its ingredient, can be called wheat bread. Similarly, any bread can be called whole wheat bread, since whole wheat can be one of the ingredients

So, how do you know, what is real ‘whole wheat bread’? Check the ingredient listing. Ingredients are listed in order of decreasing weight- The first ingredient should be ‘whole wheat’ or a whole grain. That shows that whole wheat is the primary ingredient of the bread.

Why you should eat whole wheat bread, or multi-grain bread over white bread? The basic reason is that white bread is made from refined flour (maida), so it has a high Glycemic Index, which means that it basically acts as sugar in your body. And we’ve told you how sugar makes you fat. Basically, white bread is bad for anyone trying to eat healthy, lose weight, or diabetics (people who need to control their blood glucose level). Also, whole wheat bread or mutligrain bread uses the whole grain, so it has a higher fiber content, more protein and vitamins.

So, is whole wheat bread great for you? No, because whole wheat bread does not have a low Glycemic Index. Its better than white bread, so its a healthier alternative, but no green tea health food :)

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