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Interview With Zoe Daly: Asia Pacific Champion Fitness Model & IFBB Bikini Champion

Posted Feb 05 2012 5:56pm

Zoe Daly, current Asia Pacific Champion for Fitness Model and IFBB Bikini Champion
She's all fired up and ready to go to compete in The Arnold Sports Festiva l in the USA March 2012. She's a fierce competitor and wants to win. I wanted to find out about her training and secrets to her success, to share with you all.  

NC: How long have you been a sports model/athlete for and did you come across any hurdles or road blocks?
ZD: I have always been fit & healthy, coming form a family of Doctor’s & fitness fanatics the foundations were laid at a young age! I became fascinated by fitness modeling whilst studying personal training. In May 2010 I decided to enter my first competition. I had never even watched a comp ~ before I just threw myself in the deep end! I came 3rd that day in a line up of close to 30 girls~ I was instantly addicted! Now 19 short months on, I am the Asia Pacific Champion for Fitness Model & the IFBB Bikini Champion, I also hold 3 NSW State Titles. I am now preparing for the world stage, it’s surreal!
Do you think vision boards/visualisation help you towards  achieving your goals?
 I am definitely inspired by imagery, however I do not have a vision board as such. In all honesty I don’t need it! It’s all in my head!
How many days per week do you train?
 I train weights 5 days per week, I do 3 classes per week consisting of Pilates, Yoga & Body Balance & I also do 1-2 sprint sessions.
What about downtime. Does that exist in your world? 
 Yes downtime is SUPER important! I have 2 rest days every week, one in which I will still do Yoga, get a massage & sometimes an infrared sauna and the other (usually a Sunday) where I do nothing but relax! Rest is when your body recovers & this is when growth occurs. Rest is just as important as the training itself & without adequate rest you will not make improvements.
Zoe, tell me about your current goals for 2012
 My immediate goal is to compete at the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio, USA on March the 1st and to earn my Pro Card! My goal is to win! I am in prep mode as we speak and I am getting in to the best shape of my life. It is such a huge honor to be selected to compete at this spectacular event. Goals beyond the Arnold's are to expand my online coaching business and start my Psychology degree ( I have put studies on hold as my competition requires 100% of my time).
Eating must make a significant difference to how you look up on  stage, tell us your top 5 tips/rules you live by for looking leanon stage
When it comes to looking lean on stage there are no short cuts and no such thing as a “quick fix” it’s 100% nutrition & 100% training! My 5 top tips I live by for looking lean on stage would be:  • Eat 5 small meals a day • Eat every 2.5-3 hours to keep your metabolism firing • Eat protein with every meal  • Stay away from all processed food & starchy carbohydrates  • Drink plenty of water! Did you know that being dehydrated actually causes the body to store fluid?
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you agree? What's your favourite breakfast?

Yes certainly! Breakfast is super important as it kicks your body into fat burning mode by reigniting the bodies furnace aka the Metabolism! If you skip it your body will go in to starvation mode and any food you eat later will likely be stored as fat rather than being burned as energy. My favourite breakfast would have to be grilled lean lamb & a handful of cashews. I also love omelette's with baby spinach & avocado. It’s all about good fats and protein.
Do you feel restricting carbs is the answer to looking lean? Or are there other options?

Restricting certain carbs such as starchy or processed carbs will definitely help you get leaner as the body stores more fluid when eating these foods. However depriving the body of carbs for a sustained period of time is detrimental to your well being. At the end of the day, to keep lean, nothing beats a balanced clean diet with high protein, moderate low GI carbs, plenty of exercise & a positive attitude!
For you, is it a case of trial and error with your diet or do youstick to a certain plan constantly and never change it?

I know my body very well. I generally follow a plan, especially when I am preparing for a comp, however it changes regularly to stop the body adapting or forming intolerance's to foods. You have to eat a variety of foods and keep the body guessing!

You have abs that are the envy of many girls out there, what are your favourite  exercises or is more a case of "abs are made in the kitchen?"

(Zoe giggles) Thanks! I have good genes. I love Pilates. I actually never train Abs. A lot of ab exercises are a waste of time in my opinion. The trick is to have a a strong Transverse Abdominus (TVA) which you get through Pilates breathing, other exercises only target your Rectus Abdominus. I have a very strong TVA hence why I am so defined. But yes, Abs are definitely made in the kitchen! You could train them every day but if you aren’t eating clean 80% of the time your hard work will go unnoticed.
How will you celebrate after your show and what's next for Zoe Daly?
After the Arnold’s my partner and I are going to New York City then to Hawaii so that will be the ultimate way to celebrate!
I believe the sky is the limit and this is only the very beginning of my career! I am visualizing myself on the Pro Circuit... big things are coming on 2012! BOOM!
Check out Zoe's Facebook page to track her progress and give her some well wishes! 

Did you see  Justine Switalla and Raechelle Chase's interviews? More great girls doing so well in the Sports/Fitness Model arena. All the motivation you need to get into training! 
If you have important goals to achieve in 2012, I'd love to help you. Please email  me  (natalie[at]newoutlookfitness[dot]com[dot]au, replace brackets with correct symbols) and find out more about online coaching and programs  New Outlook Fitness  has on offer.
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