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Interesting New Training Implements for fat loss and conditioning

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:49pm

As you all know I have been attending boot camp recently and will be for the balance of July. So far it has been really fun and challenging at the same time. My fiance and I go together so it is also good "quality" for us as a couple so I recommend attending a boot camp to anyone. Generally speaking we do circuits of 40 seconds to one minute working with 20 seconds of rest. The amount of stations we use varies from 9-15 and the amount of rounds (total circuits) is either 2 or 3 total.

Our workouts are different every day which really helps with fat loss because it keeps the body from adapting. Often we use really cool implements like medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, bosu balls, slosh pipes and broom sticks for a wider variety of drills. Two new implements, new to me, that I had never used before were the Tornado Ball and the Indian Clubbells .

The Tornado ball is a medicine ball with a rope attached to it. You use it to train your core by swinging it around your head or swinging and slamming it into stuff, or even swinging and then throwing it! It is really fun to use and makes your core work super hard to stabilize your body. You can make your own by putting a rope through a kettlebell. I used to do hammer throws with my kettlebell and can tell you that nothing makes your abs flex harder than swinging a 53 lbs kettlebell around your head when attached to three feet of rope (this has thrown me to the ground many times!). Fun stuff!

Indian clubbells have been around as long as kettlebells I think. They are great for building the wrists and improving rotational strength . If you play a sport then you want to improve your rotational strength! Think about, throwing, kicking, tackling, hitting, all these activities occur in a rotational plane of movement, not straight forward and back. So by increasing your rotational power you will increase your performance on the field. Plus, it is a neglected movement so you are sure to build muscle! Increasing wrist strength is also extremely important. Your grip can never be strong enough if you compete in a combat or full contact sport grabbing an opponent can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

There is also something very primal about swing weights on ropes or clubbells that is very satisfying. It makes feel like the warriors from old times who would heave massive swords and axes with grace. I recommend the tornado ball and clubbells to anyone looking for some quality variety in their training.

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