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INJURY: Possibly dual fractures!

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:09pm

Alright guys, I really wish I had of read the chapter on remaining injury free more thoroughly.

The last few weeks I have been suffering from pains in my right (main kicking) shin. I had already mentioned the tendonitis and I did not want to come across as a pussy so I kept it to myself and tried to train through. Stupid f%cker that I am.

Today I attempted to go for a short run through the woods and as soon as I hit the path my legs were screaming in agony. Sam convinced me (rightly) to go and see the Army Doctor on camp who proceeded to examine my legs. After much manipulation and massage and screaming from me he believes I have either one or several small fractures in my shin. Unfortunately this requires some sort of dye to be injected into my bone before the X Ray and I am awaiting the test date.

As I was dressing he casually asked if I had any other problems and I mentioned the tendonitis thing. A quick scan of my elbow and manipulation of the ligaments proved fruitless. He then flexed my tricep and still no pain, however when my arm was fully extended and pressure was applied to the bone I leapt from my chair screaming my f$cking head off in agony.

Guess what? Another suspected fracture!

I will post the details of the results soon but for all those following the blog please see below my final picture results until training can start again.

Morale is at an all time low - I almost ate a Mars Bar! It looks like I will need to keep my diet stricter than normal until I can start training again.

I will putting a video blog soon discussing the results and my options, but, until then I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who donated money and don't worry - this challenge is not over!
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