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Information On Food Allergies In Regards To Celiac Disease

Posted Mar 20 2010 10:18pm
There are many types of food allergies, and celiac disease stands to be one of them. Celiac disease does not allow a consumer to eat anything containing gluten. If they do, they could seriously damage their digestive system. With training and education, coping with celiac disease isn’t at all difficult.

You often display preemptive symptoms when celiac disease starts to become a problem. This could include digestive problems for the younger adults and children, or sores and fatigue for adults. Some may not even display any symptoms, but rather show signs of malnutrition. If you are experiencing a lack in nutrition, the disease has progressed and you need to see a doctor immediately.

There is no definite cure for celiac disease at this current time. However, one can avoid all side effects of the disease and live a normal life by simply avoiding gluten in his or her diet. Gluten is found in grain-based products, and is clearly labeled on foods found in the United States. In some instances other products such as lip stick can contain gluten.

After finding out you have a problem with gluten based foods, you have to go through your entire food pantry and throw away anything that contains even a hint of gluten. Just the smallest amount of gluten will still cause damage to your digestive system. You will also have to check with restaurants you frequent to see which of their meals will be safe for you to eat before you decide to purchase and consume it.

Unfortunately, any products that contain rye, wheat, or barley will not be available to you as they contain gluten. Gluten is prevalent in most baked goods, in fact, so you should be particularly careful when visiting the bakery. Cereal and breakfast items are also commonly laden with gluten. There are always alternatives of which are gluten free a special stores, and you can also create your own foods from substitutes. Anything you want to make is a question of what ingredients you have, not a matter of if you can do it.

You are able to pass on celiac disease to your offspring. In addition, your immediate family may have the disease as well and not know about. Anyone close to you should be tested for a link to the disease, since it is considered hereditary. Tests can involve blood work, and even a biopsy, but the alarm is worth it. Even if no symptoms present, relatives can still have the disease without knowing about it.

In Conclusion

In the future, you should focus on building a diet plan around the goal of removing gluten from your diet. Gluten free meals can sometimes be hard to create, but with the substitutes available today, it won’t be impossible. Find a gluten free cookbook for an easier way to cope.

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