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Increasing Your Bench Press

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm
Ever wanted to bench three plates a side? How about four? Heck, maybe even five one day? It is possible to build a huge brench and you know what? It is simple too. Simple.....but not easy. Increasing your bench press takes time, perserverance and focus.

The first rule to bringing up those numbers is to start benching more than once per week. Twice is good because the extra practice will reinforce your groove (coordination).

Next, start benching heavy weight on the first bench session. Low reps, high sets. 10x1 or 8x 3 or 6x4 or 5x5 for example.

The second bench session should be either a speed or mass building session. So go lighter but work on exploding the weight up. Don't kill yourself here, work on improving your ability to drive weight up. If training for mass, keep the weight pretty heavy, do lots of sets and keep the reps medium, 5x5, 4x8 or 6x4, nothing over eight reps.

As for other exercises, the key is not, as you would think, to increase pec strength. No, the key is to increase triceps, shoulder and upper back strength. To strengthen the shoulders, do heavy dips, lying triceps extensions, or press outs (the top end of the press movement for reps). Train the triceps hard and very heavy, they can never be too strong. As for shoulders, heavy overhead presses, and dumbell laterals will do.

Why the upper back? The upper back supports the body during the bench press. It gives the body a strong base to press off of. Strenghten it with rows, deadlifts, face pulls and incline shrugs.

To prevent shoulder pains from all the benches, do some dumbell or barbell cleans and some rotator cuff work. The shoulder horn is great for this.

Lastely and most importantly, write down your training and track your progress or lack of. If your bench is not increasing on a monthly basis, you are not getting stronger, period.

These steps only scratch the surface of improving your bench but they will help you on your goal to big bench. For more information on training visit .
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