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In Shape with Cardio Kickboxing

Posted Dec 28 2009 9:00pm
Cardio kickboxing, also known as aerobic kickboxing or fitness kickboxing, can provide or restore a lot of confidence, health and energy. Offering an intense cross-training and total-body workout, cardio kickboxing utilizes training routines used in martial artists and the sport of boxing and kickboxing. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace – even if they are in good shape and participate in cross training programs. It’s always best to take it easy until the body adapts to a new type of physical training.

A low impact, high energy aerobic workout, cardio kickboxing is similar to “Tai-Bo”, which is a hybrid of martial art moves, boxing, aerobics and dance. By using various martial arts moves, you will get a great cardiovascular workout to tone and strengthen the upper and lower body.

As well as a great abdominal and butt workout, Cardio Kickboxing is an intense workout that develops your mental and physical strength. You’ll get so absorbed in class that your problems will seem a million miles away. Cardio kickboxing has become increasingly popular recent years.

Offering an intense cross-training and total-body workout, cardio kickboxing utilizes the training routines used by martial artists in the sports of boxing and kickboxing and involves a wide range of moves, combining various techniques that add up to an impressive workout.

Classes for cardio kickboxing typically target all the major muscle groups – while toning the thighs, buttocks and abs, legs, buns and arms, as well as your cardiovascular system, it’s an ideal way to lose weight too. Classes vary from gym to gym but the basic format is generally the same: a series of drills set to music including shadow boxing, various types of kicks, push-ups, jump rope, jumping jacks, shuffling, and punching/kicking and calisthenics combinations. In some classes, instructors use props such as jump ropes, gloves, and speed bags.

Kickboxing has undergone changes and been refined during the last two decades and this type of exercise is intended to for an intermediate to advanced level workout, but is designed so that even beginners can easily follow the moves and get great results. You’ll enjoy its combination of fun and challenging moves that will help you burn calories and get fit. Kick with your right leg, as though you are hitting the target and repeat with your other leg.

Wear aerobic shoes or other lightweight athletic shoes designed for pivots and lateral movements.

Kickboxing burns between 700 – 1,000 calories an hour. Compare that to 300 – 400 calories burned by the average hourly step aerobics class. Kickboxing workouts are meant to be challenging, but each participant controls his or her own level of intensity, allowing beginners and seasoned alike to workout at the same time.

Cardio-kickboxing is practical self-defense with a combination of boxing, kickboxing, foot work, bag work, stretching and Chinese breathing exercises. It stimulates your mind and body skills, keeps you in shape and helps you lose weight.

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