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In a food fantasy what would YOU eat?

Posted Mar 18 2013 4:23am

Before I start this post I need to state clearly and openly Im biased.


I tell her frequently, and probably STILL NOT ENOUGH, how her blog is one of the first I read each morning because of its fitness by way of personal development  twist. 

She’s pretty religious (spiritual?).

Im pretty spiritual (religious?).

And, even though we dont worship in the same fashion, many of the underlying messages of our posts are the same.

But I digress…

I love Lindsay & the whole new crop of healthy living bloggers and, as a result, pretty much every morning weekly I think to myself:

It’s time.  Im done with healthy living blogging.  Ive said what Ive felt called to.  Ive shared what Ive gots.  It’s time for this crowd pleaser to dance on into a new realm.

I frequently wonder:

Have I been in the center of healthy living for my allotted time & life has given me my cue to shimmy on into the periphery and let the young folks take the floor .

And then I read posts like Lindsay’s What Would You Eat Wednesday (& the accompanying comments) & wonder if this well seasoned blogger might have a few thoughts left in her yet.**

In case you missed it here’s the premise of the post:

what we WOULD eat if calories and our waistlines and our vanity wasn’t an issue.  I think about this a lot actually, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.  What would your typical diet look like if you KNEW NOTHING about nutrition or health?  What would you eat if calories and fat grams weren’t relevant?

Lindsay also continued and shared:

The answer?  You would eat like a child, if the child had no parents forcing them to eat their vegetables.  No limits.  No restrictions.  No vegetables and a whole lot of grease and sugar.

By the time I made it over to read the blog post many people had commented (Im not alone in my love of the Lindsay) & the responses read precisely as you’d imagine.

They were a veritable food-fantasy of what the readers would consume if given the sweet sweet freedom from waistline worry and calorie counting.

And this made me profoundly sad.

And this made me wonder if I were officially old (wraggles cane and shouts HEY YOU KIDS GIT OFF MY LAWN!!)

And this made me believe, at least for one more day, I might have a blog post to write which improved upon the silence.

Reading the post/comments sparked a few thoughts in my misfitmind and led me to wonder if Im alone in my muZings:

  • My idea of a food fantasy day (CLARIFICATION: the word fantasy is mine) completely includes someone ELSE preparing, making, cleaning up and PAYING for my eats.  That and perhaps taking over the food shopping is this misfit’s decadent, indulgent fantasy.
  • It saddened me to see so many craptastic treats listed by commenters as “ what they’d eat ” because I envisioned how Id FEEL after said junk.  Am I flying solo in the notion of Seriously it is NOT about the calories — it’s about having the energy to live the life I WANT (a big reason why I wrote this …) which dictates how I make my food-choices?
  • Im misfit enough to think my child would *not* head straight for sugarfriedfatty.  I definitely surrender if it werent for me she’d ONLY consume fruit & most likely no veggies (are we hardwired sweet that way?), but Ive let her have LOTS of junk through her seven years (all things in moderation!) & for the most part she hasnt liked how “yucky” shes felt afterward.

As I sit and write this (and edit. and rewrite this. I may be on version 25) Im still uncertain it conveys my visceral reaction when I read the initial post.

All I know is I clicked away feeling profoundly saddened & wondering if Im simply old and just no longer get the joke?

And now I look to you to help me out:

  • If you had a day free from caloric-worry or nutritional-knowledge how would YOU eat? Would you be Bettie Binge or Carl Consistent (with how you eat every other day)?
  • Is it possible for caloric-cognizance & nutritional-info to be COUPLED WITH consistently eating for pleasure?





**I emailed Lindsay immediately and sought permission for this post.

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