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Posted Oct 26 2008 8:41pm

Tom Venuto recently posted this study and blogged about it. I think it really applies to what we're doing right now with the 30 Day One Big Meal Challenge.

The bottom line is to keep moving while you're in a deficit. More people keep the weight off if they keep moving and exercising while eating in a deficit.

Here's a great excerpt:

The drop in physical activity during the diet was directly related to the weight regain after the diet! The researchers wrote,

“The greater the decrease in physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) during the energy deficit, the greater the weight gain during the follow up.”

“That won’t happen to me,” you say? Think again. That drop in activity usually happens unconsciously. It’s part of the “starvation response” (or “weight-regulating mechanism” if you prefer). Your body tricks you in countless ways, in order to restore energy balance and stabilize your weight. If you believe that diet alone is the answer or that you can skimp on the training, you are shooting yourself in the foot and thinking short-term. When you extend out your time frame to a year or longer, you get a whole new perspective. For years, I have been imploring my readers and subscribers to“burn the fat”with higher levels of exercise - strength training AND cardio training - while “feeding the muscle” with a higher intake of clean food, instead of simply “starving the fat” with low calorie diets and little or no exercise. “Eat More, Burn More”… “BURN The fat FEED the muscle.” those are the mottos you want to remember. can you lose weight without exercise? Of course. Just be sure you have a dietary-induced calorie deficit. Is it the best way? Not by a long shot.

Bottom line: If you want to MAXIMIZE your fat loss, and keep fat off permanently, it is imperative not only to keep up a high level of energy expenditure (BURN calories not just cut them), but also to make a conscious effort to make sure your activity level does not drop as you lose weight during the calorie deficit.

Lets keep that in mind in the remaining 22 days! Get off the couch tonight!
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