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Improvisational performance

Posted by Shawn M.

I have on occasion performed movement to music in a public format. This seems to be an outward manifestation of an internal process applied to the influence of music and the environment. I have performed solo and with the collaboration of fellow aikidoka willing to explore gesture for the sake of gesture or art. I have performed to such various kinds of music as flute, didjeridoo, drums, harp and with small ensembles and bands. I enjoy techno, electronica, trance, as well as classical jazz and bliues.

Performing, meaning to practice with music and an audience, certainly changes the mix, the alchemy of the situation. However in order for me to harmonioze with the moment, it is necessary to synchronize all the various sense modalities, sense fields of perception with my own breath. once this is achieved it's as if a doorway is opened. A leap occurs in which I enter, and simultaneously I avail myself to external phenomena utterly and completely. In order for this to occur an emptying, relinquishing, a letting-go takes place, voluntarily. This act of volition is a practiced, rehearsed, step by step procedure yet is entirely fresh each time.
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Movement to music in public format - or dancing with others - is a great way to let go of stresses that accumulate during the week. What I like most about dancing, mostly celebrating people's happy moments, is the ability to do an active fun thing, while enjoying the company of great friends and good music.
For me, dancing is a place where I can be completely uninhibited and just go with the flow. It is a really cool 'feel good' activity.
I wish more gyms offered dance classes. I have taken African, jazz, ballet, salsa - all are great and can be presented to non-dancers. I would love to see more dance!
I love dancing, it is a great way to get in touch with our bodies! Your dancing idea sounds amazing!
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