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Improving Strength and Balance with Elastic Resistance Bands

Posted Nov 29 2008 10:01am 1 Comment

Understanding the reason behind the popularity of elastic resistance bands is simple to understand. Basically, as the resistance band is stretched, the resistance increases, providing stimulus progressively to the muscles. Resistance means using an increased force against body movement for the purpose of producing lean muscle mass, power, strength and endurance.

Regular isotonic exercises using fitness machines or free weights rely on gravity, that is the force opposing the weight, which limits the users movement. Generally only upward movements against gravity are achievable with free weights, and fitness machines are usually limited to one exercise only. Using elastic resistance exercises many different workouts can be done and the resistance depends on how far it is stretched. This provides many more possibilities of movement and focal points of motion, exercising single and multiple joints, while developing the body.

The elastic resistance method involves more balance and coordination than other elementary isotonic exercises. The band is kept steady through a higher level of neuro-muscular control than fitness machines and ensures a fluid return phase of the exercise, instead of having gravity take over. Bands offer many more possibilities of movement and direction of motion, exercising single and multiple joints, at the same time as developing core, smaller stabilizing muscles and total body functionality.

The benefits of this extremely efficient, versatile exercise tool in the privacy can only be enjoyed. Either use them in your own home, office or on holiday - virtually anyplace! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete at any level of strength and ability, using elastic resistance training will get some of the most complete and versatile exercises possible!

Elastic Resistance bands, Stretch bands and Stretch Tubing can be purchased at retail fitness machine stores and are inexpensive.

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