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Improve your Overall Fitness by getting to the Core

Posted by Jeff W.

Most of the movements we use in virtually all sports are started from our core: Swinging a baseball bat or golf club, shooting the puck in hockey, throwing a kick or punch. All the power from these movements is generated from the core. The best exercise for the core that isn't normally associated with core fitness is the squat. Most people associate squats with developing strong powerful legs, which is totally correct, but what most people don't know is that squats will help to build a strong powerful core as well. When done properly, with or without weight, squats give your abs, your lower back and your lungs a great workout, making them a great training movement for whatever sport you are involved in; or a great training movement to simply get in better shape. Check out this link if you aren't to sure how to perform check out this link for instruction :

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